Refresh  your features

Sometimes your face can show signs of tiredness that you want to control.

Facial treatments can be an effective solution for both men and women, and an increasing number are using treatments like facial fillers to help reduce wrinkles, replace lost volume and refresh the eye area.

How can fillers refresh my features?

Improve deep lines and wrinkles, add definition to the chin and jawline, restore elasticity and tone, improve deep lines and wrinkles around the eyes, add fullness back to cheeks and provide lift by restoring volume.

What are facial fillers?

Facial fillers are hyaluronic acid injectable treatments that replace lost volume, fill lines and wrinkles and restore moisture content – with results that can last up to approximately 9-24 months, depending on the product and treatment chosen.

The hyaluronic acid in combines with the water in your skin to subtly refresh your look. Facial fillers include lidocaine which can help reduce discomfort during the procedure.

There are a range of formulations designed to treat different areas of the face, and visible results can be seen shortly after treatment.

Technology allows facial fillers to blend with the tissue under the skin to keep you looking like yourself, whether you’re smiling, laughing or frowning.

Choosing the right product combination.

 There are a range of formulations designed to treat different areas of the face, depending on the results you’d like to achieve. Your practitioner will work with you to identify the right products, and tell you more about how they can refresh your appearance, soften lines and wrinkles and add definition to your chin and jawline, whilst maintaining or even enhancing your natural masculine features.

Your personal treatment plan.

 A personal treatment plan will be devised, based on your individual goals, and you will be advised on the amount of products required to achieve a natural look and feel. The optimal quantity of product will be defined by your practitioner. During your consultation, your practitioner will look at your face whilst it’s still (static) and moving (dynamic) to make sure they’re able to give you a natural-looking result, whatever emotion you’re feeling.